New Trend Tattoos 2

64 pp., 21x28 cm, colour and black&white designs.
Dostupnost Skladem
Kód: 55414
250 Kč
New Trend Tattoos 2
480 new amazing designs of roses, flowers, leaves, branches, butterflies, fairies, belly button, flower and butterfly alphabets, Old School, New School and much more! Freedom, evolution, grace and beauty, as well as fragility. These are just some of the meanings of the butterfly, which in many cultures represents the soul and spirituality. One of its oldest known names is the Greek psyché,  – also the origin of the name for the human psyche and psychology, the science which studies it – a term which means breath and therefore spirit, soul. Because of its fluttering charm it is associated with fairies and elves, creatures (often depicted with butterfly wings themselves) which live in an impalpable dimension like the soul, made of the same stuff as dreams. In the tattoo world the butterfly is chosen as an ornament and is heavily influenced by the imagination with its colours and rich symbolism. While the butterfly is the evolution of a caterpillar, the flower is born and evolves from a seed and represents the victory over death. The floral theme is anotherwell-loved tattoo decoration. All flowers are a universal symbol of youth and the joy of life, but each and every flower has its own meaning and can be used to enhance the meaning of any tattoo. We have put together the most popular subjects in this collection, from classic designs to more original ideas. This is the only place you can find 480 designs featuring flowers and butterflies for every taste and in every style with a following: roses, stylized floral decorations, branches, leaves, fairies, flowers for the belly button, cherry blossom, poppies, flower and butterfly alphabets, tribal style, realistic, old school and new school, in black and grey shading and colour too. All you have to do is take your pick!

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