230 andělů

64 pp., 21x28 cm, black&white tattoo flashes.
Kód: 50287
250 Kč
230 andělů
Want to get your own tattoo angel? You’ll find it here! Guardian angel, fallen angel, cherub… Hundreds of tattoo designs of angels, wings and angelic script. Angel tattoos are more popular and in demand than ever, but have you ever wondered why? The reason is simple: people are trying to make sense of their life and give it meaning, seeking inspiration and comfort in holy images (no matter which religion they belong to).  Angels evoke protection, guidance and illumination, a role they have played since the dawn of time. These days they are most commonly associated with the names and icons of Christianity, but images of angels are present in many different spiritual traditions.  In fact a winged human figure has accompanied human progress and across cultures and through the ages, with its message of light and hope being passed down to the present day. Angels are like special friends who speak to us from the depths of the heart and light up our path, our dreams and our choices. Tattoo angels come in a variety of styles, colours and themes (guardian angel, fallen angel, cherub and so on) and an ever more popular design is the realistic-style angel, in black and grey.  It can be tattooed on the back, like wings, on the arm or on the upper torso.  “230 Angels” is full of designs previously published in Tattoo Ideas, as well as other gorgeous, original angels that are exclusive to this collection!

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