Jak to bude s tetovacími barvami v roce 2022?

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Řecký výrobce velmi kvalitních produktů pro péči o tetování, poškozenou pokožku laserem a další

Řecký výrobce velmi kvalitní péče o tetování


The series products Skin2skin of Skinsquared developed by Greek pharmacists and is the result of multi years of academic research and testing. The formulas underlying our products were originally designed for the protection of vulnerable children's skin from irritation and for the recovery of the tissue of the skin by extensive and deep burns to people of all ages. Combined exclusive knowledge and created unique recipes using natural ingredients, such as B-Glucan and Hyaluronic acid, which accelerates the process of nutrition and skin healing by activating simultaneously the mechanisms Collagen production by our natural fibroblasts. Extra care and deeply hydrate the skin while protecting from dirt and bacteria.

We export our products in 30 countries in Europe, United States & Asia.

Skin2skin series products, contain natural herbal and biotechnologically processed ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types. They have won international recognition and loyal fans because of their quality and effectiveness. It is no coincidence that the series still operates Skin2Skin products successfully in an ever-changing and highly competitive environment. Our company is the main sponsor in major tattoo artist in the world and participates in the largest tattoo convention internationally because our goal is to offer the best care & protection to people who love tattoo.


Our skin needs pampering with specialized products to return to healthy state after the completion of the process of the tattoo or laser. For this reason needed products that are specially designed to protect our skin from infections and to assist in the redevelopment. The Skin2skin understanding the needs of fun of tattoo, designs products from natural raw materials that accelerate the healing process of the skin, bring out the colors of the new tattoo and mainly revitalize existing ones. Skin2Skin products are designed to moisturize and help the regeneration process of the skin after tattoo using the benefits of Aloe, Calendula, eucalyptus oil, Argan and Chamomile. The tattoo process does not end once you stop "machine". The best possible score is accompanied by a set of instructions that must be followed with the help of specialized products. The Skin2Skin is the first product line of healing, protection and revitalization of tattoo, constructed from Greek cosmetics company, inspired by tattoo artists and designed by scientists, only to make the process safer healing and in shortest time.


The first product SKIN2SKIN was designed for use against serious burns 2nd and 3rd grade. Due to the extensive needs of the skin after a tattoo session, the composition of skin2skin improved and developed for tattooing, which has many of the same factors and unique challenges including serious burns. New products have been added to the series as the natural butter, green and green foam SOAP soap dispenser, all developed with the same ideal: to build a full line of the best products for the fun of tattooing. Our products are used by professional tattoo artists around the world and are favorites in the aftercare products market.

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