New Trend Tattoos 5 moderní nápisy

64 pp., 21x28 cm, colour and black&white designs.
Kód: 52300
250 Kč
New Trend Tattoos 5 moderní nápisy
Minimal scripts: tiny and with very fine lines. Vertical scripts along the spine or down a side. Handwriting and linear writing, children's handwriting, plays on the theme with scripts laid out within a shape (such as a heart) or made up of different types of lettering (handwriting plus capitals for example).  Creative scripts that are an integral part of a drawing, such as the stem of a flower. And matching tattoos, or tattoos in pairs: scripts for newly weds, for parents and children, brothers and sisters or to cement a friendship.  Plus scripts written in different typefaces and with the unmistakeable typewriter font. Lots of imagination goes into the conception of keywords: a single word (such as faith, family, strength, love or freedom) that can be interpreted in all sorts of creative ways, as you'll see!  There are plenty of ideas for the strategic position for a tattoo too, from the most classic (arm, shoulder) to the trendiest (wrist, neck, ear, finger, collar bone), the unusual and the most sexy: groin and bottom, thigh and underboob.  Buy your favourite tattoo collections. 

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