Nejlepší dračí tetování od Guido Baldini

Kód: bestdragontattoos
Over 100 amazing colour dragons! Special issue, 48 pages, 30x34 cm.

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Nejlepší dračí tetování od Guido Baldini

Guido Baldini was born in Italy in 1971. in the mid 1990s he produced several flash sets for Biotek of Milan. Then, together with some friends he founded the PMPTattoo Studio in Piacenza (which is still there today). Yet his wanderlust soon took him away and around the world. He worked in New York for two years and then spent time in Mexico and various countries in Europe. He now lives in New Mexico in the USA where he is married and continues to tattoo. Since 2001 he has worked with the 3ntini Editore publishing house, contributing to the magazine Idea Tattoo (which takes the name Ideas Tattoo in the English edition). Guido Baldini is an extremely talented tattoo artist who expresses himself to the full through the language of tattoos, reinterpreting a huge range of traditional themes. In this collection 'The Best Dragon Tattoos of Guido Baldini' dedicated to his work we can enjoy an amazing series of Dragons, taken from our archives and covering everything from his early work to more recent productions.

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