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Kód: namescript
64 pp., 21x28 cm, 444 colour tattoo flashes, Chicano, italics, calligraphy.

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Jména & nápisy

Scripts and names in Chicano, italics and calligraphic style. Traditional, realistic and cartoon style designs with roses, swallows, keys, Mexican skulls, butterflies, kittens, fish, cakes and many more gorgeous tattoo subjects!

Written tattoos are taking the world by storm. They are one of the most popular tattoo themes at the moment and yet, creating beautiful, perfectly formedletters is tricky, even for the most experienced tattoo artist. The art of calligraphy cannot be improvised, it must be studied and practised. It is absolutely essential to reach a certain quality standard in this genre when learning the art of tattooing, because the result becomes a permanent mark on the skin.

This collection, entitled Names & Script, is designed for all tattoo artists who create written tattoos, to help them achieve artistic excellence. Here you’ll find 444 colour tattoo flashes including lots of authentic Chicano style scripts alongside traditional style flashes and other neo-pop subjects with great inventiveness and freshness. The designer is a extremely talented artist who specialises in written tattoos: Delia Vico.

Delia Vico is a tattoo artist from Savona (Italy) and has worked at Alex Nardini’s Tattoo Planet for many years, learning her trade from the studio owner. She wrote her degree dissertation on Japanese tattooing and loves the art of the Rising Sun, but also really loves American traditional style tattoos, which she creates with a solid, precise line and an effervescent creative power. When we met her, we fell in love with her simply irresistible flashes. We’re sure you will fall for them too!

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